Develop a mobile game using javascript

Hey, Guys today we are going to see here how we can develop a mobile game for both devices through Javascript. Javascript allows us to do many unique things and creating video games is one of them. As a coder, I can already create several types of games using Java and some style CSS.

Mejor Points

guys before we start writing codes we need to know clear our vision first.

Define your Video Game concept

first, we need to ready our concepts like what type of game we want to make, Gameplay mechanics, targeted audience( means which age people can play these games), and graphics style (means color saturation, style of displaying game).

Better framework

See Guys as a developer I suggest you always the better option in my opinion if you go with Phaser then it’s easy and fast so it can help you make and learn unique things, it’s a free and fast open-source framework for canvas and WebGL rendering so guy I hope you understand now.

Ready your environment

Before you start you need to install some necessary tools on your PC and libraries. first, we need a code editor tool like visual studio code or else another one is an atom), and we need another tool for testing our game Nodes.js and a web browser.


Just look out for the graphics I am talking about unique and good-looking graphics, the sound effects for the game, and some music you can use adobe photoshop for quality graphics, and for audio, you can choose on your behalf.


Choose a proper path for publishing like google play store or Apple play store, first read those guidelines and rules before publishing.

Let’s Run

Hey Guys let’s run an example of javascript to run a game easily so check below for an example



friends, I hope now you understand the concept of making a game for a mobile device this is just an example I hope it is easy to understand for you.


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