How to create animation through Javascript

Hey guys today we are going to see about how we can make a simple animation with the help of javascript so guys read everything correctly. As a Coder I run this program first then I share it with you here so if you want to test then use it as an example.

Mejor Points

Creating animation through javascript is not easy but there is a way we can use other programming language libraries and properties and can use javascript animation libraries So down below we share with you major points.

  • Javascript with CSS animations
  • CSS transition and animation
  • CSS keyframes animations
  • java animation libraries
  • WebGL and canvas
  • Request animation frames
  • easing functions:

Animation Example

See guys this is just an example so you can understand easily so Check below

to let start = Date. now(); // remember to start time

let timer = setInterval(function() {

//How much time passed from the start?

let time passed = Date.now() – start;

if (time passed >= 2000) {

clear interval(timer); // finish the animation after 2 seconds

return; }

// draw the animation at the moment time passed

draw(time passed);

}, 20);

//As time passed goes from 0 to 2000

// left gets values from 0px to 400px

function draw(time passed) {

train. style.left = time passed / 5 + ‘px’;


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Other Example

<!doctype HTML>



<title> Animation example 2 </titel>


/* CSS to style the square element */

#square {

with: 200px;


background-color: blue;

position: relative;





<div id=”square”></div>

<!–include your javascript code here–>

<script src=” script.js”></script>



Thanks, guys I hope our article helps you a lot if you think this is helpful full then please share your thoughts in our comment box then please share with your friends who really need it.

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